Thermocouple tips

Thermocouple tips are used for measurement of molten metal temperatures.
We manufacture a variety of models for various requirements, viz. MK III, MKVI, MK VII (5 Types) and ceramic body – male connector type. All these models use different connectors (either Female Type or Male-Female Type) and use paper tubes with different Inner diameters.

The Thermocouple tips are available in a range of calibrations. The junctions are:
Platinum & Platinum 10% Rhodium (Type S)
Platinum & Platinum 13% Rhodium (Type R)
Platinum 6% Rhodium & Platinum 30% Rhodium (Type B)
The Platinum & Platinum alloy wires are housed in a quartz tube capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 2000° C.

Thermocouple cartridges are fitted on to spiral wound paper tubes. Paper tube lengths up to 1800 mm as per customers requirements can be supplied. Paper tubes have wall thickness of 6.5 + 0.25 mm – 0.50 mm. Optional Antisplash ceramic coating on front portion of the paper tube can be supplied as per customer's specifications.