Quality Assurance

The only way to be an international brand is to offer world-class quality. At Winsum, we understand this completely. We give prime importance to quality and endeavour to ensure consistent products batch after batch. Our Quality Management System has been assessed and we have received the compliance Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 To ensure a good and consistent quality great care is taken to allow nothing but the finest inputs (raw materials and components) in to our manufacturing process.
  • We purchase Platinum and Platinum Rhodium Alloy wires only from Engelhard UK, the best –known name in the world today for Thermocouple wires. These wires are tested by Engelhard at the Palladium point of 1553.54°C in compliance with NBS 590 and ASTM-1159-87.
  • We purchase high purity refractory binder with Alumina content of over 70%
  • We purchase the best Quality Quartz tubes from reputed suppliers
  • We have our own Multiple cavity Injection moulds, and use only tested plastic
  • granules of ABS, High Density Polyethylene
  • The Thermocouple tips are inspected at various stages during manufacture and also before final packing
  • We have a highly motivated and trained labourforce , to ensure consistent quality